Here's what you get

Everything in ClarityPad is diligently designed. We were more diligent on what to leave out. All these features, without bloat, work tremendously well, easy to understand and simple to use. More importantly, all feature here work in perfect coordination to spread better clarity on important stuffs, reduce work stress, and level up productivity.

Here’s what ClarityPad is made up of…


Designed exclusively for important projects and decisions
  • Be a Single decision owner with a checklist for double-check items
  • Save up Discussions that are perishable over time
  • Discuss with Collaborators via emails in a single thread
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Keeps the discussion focused on topic
  • Suitable for discussing ideas, proposals, deliverables and decisions
  • Separate and single Conversation threads for deeper discussions
  • Great design that ensure everyone sees it
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Revisit discussions and learn from them
  • Customize reminders to reassess concluded discussions
  • Set reminders for revisiting even after a year
  • Learn from the past outcomes
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Never again feel bad for forgetting to attach.
  • Attach right next to the content and create a great reading experience
  • Drag and drop pictures and files.
  • Attach anything you want! Links, picture, docs, files and compressed folders
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Refer the right person with just an @!
  • “@name”….Gets the right attention of that person
  • “@name”….Keeps discussions intact and focused on topic
  • “@name”….Creates a personal connect
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Draft comments

Jot down those thoughts before they are lost in the banter
  • Read it before you send it
  • Unlimited drafts possible
  • Comfortable proofread space before sharing
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Follow up

Single click simplicity
  • Remind a person of a pending response
  • Politely poke with a reminder
  • Get those forgotten and pending tasks done
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Got it!

Save a year of life with “Got it!”
  • “Got it!” is similar to “nodding head” to a comment
  • Save loads of time from answering mails, when you only need to nod
  • Acknowledge the receipt of mail with an email notification, in just a click
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Let them know it’s a Priority
  • Use this sparingly
  • Build a goodwill with its sparse usage
  • Use that goodwill to grab attention when you hit a “Priority” mail
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My Pad

Discussions you own
  • All discussions that you own, on a on a single pad
  • Promotes time driven prioritisation
  • Built to provide better control over your affairs
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Discussions you’re participating in
  • All discussions that you participate in, at one place
  • Designed to keep the mind focused only of the Ongoing stuff
  • Built to spread the right support across the team
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Request discussions

Pass on the baton to the right person
  • Request the right person to make a new discussion
  • Do away with confusion over areas you need not control
  • Play a supportive role in the best way
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Log and Folders

Organize all discussions with folders
  • Drag and drop discussions into folders to keep things organized
  • Manage folders like in a Mac
  • Create unlimited folders and sub folders
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Search anything on ClarityPad
  • Get results from Discussions
  • Get results from Comments
  • Get results from Attachments
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Mail a copy

Mail the entire thread to your inbox
  • One click to take a copy
  • Full copy of the thread available always
  • The Same great reading experience
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Email reminders

Right into your inbox
  • Tells you about new comments, reviews, and closure
  • Your need not move out of your inbox to know what’s happening in ClarityPad
  • Get notifications directly to Desktop app, or your default mobile mail app
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Instant notification

For Everything you need to know!
  • You are looped on to every important discussion through ClarityPad
  • Your Hey! stack shows you everything you were notified about
  • Mark as unread option for all notifications
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Call outs

The discussion calls out to you
  • Smart call outs on My Pad and on Shared
  • Calls attention to pending replies
  • Option to dismiss when not required.
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