Signal over Noise!

Teeming Mailboxes, buzzing video calls and continuously beeping phones! While digital communication is instant, innovative, and entertaining, it takes more of my time than I would like to spend on it, ideally.

In a world that is hasty and hectic, filtering out what is important and critical from rest of the stuff is a thankless, time-consuming, and a needlessly painful task.

While working on my previous projects, I discovered that a distraction-free collaboration platform is much needed now than ever before.

Based on Eric Schmidt’s advice in “How Google Works”, I built ClarityPad, to make sure that:

  • Others don’t fool me
  • I don’t fool others
  • I don’t fool myself

On ClarityPad, you would start a discussions on vital topics, such as a key decision, deliverable, idea, or a proposal and set a deadline by which a conclusion must be reached.

Apart from this, there are checklists, reminders, an organized list of ongoing discussions, single click follow-up, folder organization, etc. that make discussions on ClarityPad so much more powerful.

I hope that using ClarityPad you will spend the best of your time doing the most important of your work.

Gopal Marthandam